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NW Elixirs was created by 16-year veteran Chef Andrew Garrett. He was lead by a passion to be the finest curator of hot sauces in the world, that inspire cooks everywhere to create meaningful meals.

As a kid Andrew grew up on a small farm in Sonoma, California where he developed a love for fresh food and natural flavors from his father. After a three year military tour in Europe Andrew was able to experience some of the finest cuisines the world has to offer which transpired into his passion for cooking.

His career as a Chef began in some of the best restaurants in Northern California where he began to see a need for a high quality hot sauce that’s flavor is as versatile as it is exciting. He envisioned a hot sauce that would be more than just a table-side condiment, it would be a hot sauce for everything—It was in these thoughts that NW Elixirs was born.

NW Elixirs is more than just a hot sauce, it is an ingredient you’ll use for every meal. Unlike other brands, we don’t use refined sugars, gums, or gluten allowing our sauce’s robust flavors to develop while cooking without getting burnt.

Chef Andrew Garrett with his World Hot Sauce and Screaming Mimi Awards.


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